3. Egyptian Marble and Granite InterMarmo delivery FOB or CIF

Egyptian marble and granite is considered one of the finest and hardest types of marble and granite in the world, as it is characterized by durability and is not perishable, as it bears high temperature, high pressures and intense friction compared to other types of marble and granite in global markets, and therefore it is suitable for many uses compared to its counterparts of marble and granite, such as its use in Stairs, kitchen shelves, bathroom walls and floors and other difficult places, so it is easy to polish and manufacture and does not need any treatments or back nets to strengthen it،The Egyptian marble and granite is also characterized by the fact that it is easy to polish it again after use with the passage of a long time and it will return to its original condition. Which gave a great spread to the export of Egyptian marble and granite.
The hardness of Egyptian marble and granite is due to its natural rock formations in the ground from limestone transformed from very pure calcite (crystalline form of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), as the natural crystalline properties of calcium carbonate make it of high hardness and is used in sculpture and building materials.
Egyptian marble is characterized by its natural colors, in which light colors prevail, such as white, plain beige, ornate, underlined, and silver in all its degrees. Egyptian granite is also distinguished by its picturesque colors, which are a source of elegance, beauty, harmony and integration.

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