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InterMarmo is a global Egyptian company specializing in quarries, natural stone, limestone, marble, granite, mosaic, basalt, and onyx. Since its founding in 2010, InterMarmo has become one of the largest Egyptian companies growing in the export of natural stone and building materials.

Egypt has a long history of natural stone quarrying and processing, dating back to the ancient Egyptians. Today, Egypt is the largest exporter of marble and granite in Africa. InterMarmo has access to the finest quarries in Egypt, and its prices are among the most competitive in the world.

The company offers a wide range of natural stone products, including slabs, tiles, stairs, and blocks in all finishes and thicknesses. InterMarmo uses Italian machines to manufacture and process its materials to the highest standards.

The company has a strong track record of success, having completed projects in over 50 countries around the world. InterMarmo is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality natural stone products at competitive prices.


Produced for customer satisfaction and quality standard of natural stones.


We develop our products, systems, processes, services to have a satisfied customer base, create value for the shareholder and have a motivated and qualified staff.


InterMarmo has access to the finest quarries in Egypt.

InterMarmo will be your first choice because we are focused on 3 values:

1- Price:

– InterMarmo’s prices are among the most competitive in the world.

– Special prices for big quantities.

– Special offers and gifts for the new clients.

2- Quality:

– Quality grade (A) – (B) – (C) with all kinds of finishes.

– Our factory uses the latest Spanish & Italian technology in manufacturing.

3- Delivery time:

– Our delivery time is fixed as we deliver your order on time.


InterMarmo has a worldwide market share of export and import natural stones such as Asian, African, European, Australian & American markets.

– Besides the projects that it had in many countries such as:

  • Australia
  • Europe: Spain – Italy- France- Serbia Malta
  • Middle East: the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Jordan
  • North America: Mexico Colombia
  • North Africa: Morocco – Algeria – Libya
  • Asia: china – South Korea – India

Creative Team

Our success based on our experienced staff in Administration, Exporting, Marketing and Quality control system fields.

Ms. Yasmine El Sayed


Mr. Ahmed El Sayed

Marketing Executive

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